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Jennifer ♥
04 June 2010 @ 09:47 pm
+ The girl from The Band Perry is really really pretty. I don't get why some guys don't see it. And their song "If I Die Young" is so sad, but so gorgeous. 

+ Lady Antebellum is probably my favorite band ever. I will never ever ever get sick of their song "American Honey." It is the epitome of childhood. It is gorgeous and yes, I do wish I could go back to those simpler times. <3

+ No matter how much I will always love her, if Taylor Swift doesn't come out with new music soon I fear she will lose her popularity. I haven't been listening to her as much, except for a song here or there, because it's all so old and overplayed.

+ "She's Country" is still a song that describes me, always. That, and "Heart Like Memphis" are the songs that define my life the past several years.
Jennifer ♥

Sure, there were little problems here and there. But they all sounded amazing. And they sang live - 100% certain. There were times when the mics just weren't on and you could see Mark/Lea/Amber singing, but no sound was coming through the system. Lea is such a professional though and picked up Mark and Amber's parts when their mics didn't work. When her's didn't work, no one picked up the lines for her.

You could tell they were all really enjoying themselves. It was the first stop, and for many their first performance in such a venue with a large live audience. No one seemed particularly nervous. But they were all so excited and enthusiastic, you could just tell.

Push It was so sexually graphic, and the shadows cast by the spotlights were hilarious! True Colors was beautiful. Bust Your Windows was a lot of fun to watch. And Defying Gravity, oh my God, I loved it.

Dianna needed more time on the screens though, and she definitely needs a solo!

After the show ended. My mommy and I went to Stage Door to wait for the cast to come out. We (as in everyone standing behind that damn barricade) thought that since it was their first show they might come by and do autographs. So we stood there for half an hour before anyone came out. 

And Cory Monteith was the first to show up (and last to leave) to sign autographs. He's not as tall as I thought he'd be. He is super nice!!! And so cute!!!!!! :D I actually could talk to him, I was surprised! Haha

After Cory had been out there a while, the rest of the cast (minus Lea) came out!!!! I still can't believe I talked to all of them!!!!!! They are the sweetest people ever! And all so gorgeous! HeMo is kinda ditzy, just like her character. The boys, Dijon and Harry, are so cool! I think I talked to them the most. Mark is so incredibly hot!! :D Jenna is so nice. Amber and Chris are inseperable! Ryan [Murphy, creator/producer] is so cool - he actually signed autographs and asked each fan how they liked the night's performance and the Back Nine. Naya is really pretty too, and super nice.

And oh my goodness...Dianna has replaced everyone else on the Prettiest Girl in the World list. She is so gorgeous! And so nice!!!! :D I still can't believe I met her. Today at work, I looked at my phone (the pic is my background) and was like, "Wow, I still can't believe that happened." Haha. I have been so fortunate this year to meet my heroes, the women I look up to.

Jennifer ♥
16 May 2010 @ 12:02 am
Totally met the cast of Glee tonight. Got all autographs except Lea, who didn't do stage door. And got pics with Dijon, Mark (!) And DIANNA!!!!! :) :) :) pics tomorrow, along with stories! :)

Goodnight, I work in 4 hours. So worth the night I had though :) and thanks Mommy for waiting at stage door for an hour with me to get a pic OF Dianna, let alone WITH her. :)
Jennifer ♥
26 February 2010 @ 12:48 am
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ps: this is Jennifer...aka missspidey :)